Life Purpose Consultant Training Program

Enrich Your Life: Become a Life Purpose Consultant You’ve completed the Discover Your Life Purpose Course and are eager to pass your knowledge on. As a Life Purpose Consultant, you may: Discover a new, rewarding career. Continue your path of … Continue reading

Zen Mommies Radio Show

Learn Your Life Purpose and Flow with Life A summary of Kathryn Andries’s appearance on the Zen Mommies Radio Show . . . Ever wonder why you get stressed out and frustrated? In most cases it is because you are … Continue reading

Speaking Topics for Kathryn Andries

Wow your crowd with thought-provoking topics and a charismatic speaker. How to Get Along with Anybody — Learn the source of your conflicts and a powerful method to overcome them and turn your enemies into friends. Who Were Those People … Continue reading

Numerology Reading

Numerology is an ancient system that uses numbers to understand human nature. The vibration and nature of each number reveal our life purpose, talents, and goals as well as lessons and challenges. Numerology also offers information about future cycles and … Continue reading

About Kathryn Andries

Kathryn Andries, founder and director of Discover Your Life Purpose, is a nationally known author, teacher, and public speaker. She wrote Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, and Living Atlantis: My Year at the College of Metaphysics. … Continue reading