Classes from Kathyrn Andries

Discover Your Life Purpose Classes Dear Friends, Over the past 15 years—from coast to coast—I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of people the secret of how to find your life purpose through the Discover Your Life Purpose Course. This course is based on my book, Soul Choices: 6 Paths to Find Your Life Purpose. To reach even more people, I’m offering both a downloadable, self-study course and an online version with me as your teacher. I designed the courses so that you will receive all the information you need for your personal growth and to begin living a more fulfilling life. If you’ve already taken the Discover Your Life Purpose Course and are as excited about it as I am, you may want to share your knowledge and teach your own students. Through the Life Purpose Consultant Training Program, you’ll gain the skills to further your own journey and introduce the course to others. A great tool to use when discovering your life purpose is dream interpretation. Dreams are important messages about you and are a wonderful source of knowledge you can use to understand yourself. Check out our self-study Dream Interpretation Course for more information. Whichever path you choose, I welcome you. Kathryn Andries

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