Life Purpose Consultant Training Program

Enrich Your Life: Become a Life Purpose Consultant You’ve completed the Discover Your Life Purpose Course and are eager to pass your knowledge on. As a Life Purpose Consultant, you may: Discover a new, rewarding career. Continue your path of … Continue reading

Discover Your Life Purpose Course

Whether you want a more satisfying career, better relationships, or peace of mind? Then the Discover Your Life Purpose Self-Study Course is for you: Increase self-awareness. Discover your gifts, talents, and karmic lessons. Improve relationships with others. Gain insight into your … Continue reading

Our Favorite Resources

You might enjoy some of these resources: Breathe to Heal — Liberation breathing techniques for mental clarity, emotional balance and physical health. The Inner Journey — Daily inspirational quotes. Journaling Tools — Creative journaling tools, tips, ideas and prompts. … Continue reading

Zen Mommies Radio Show

Learn Your Life Purpose and Flow with Life A summary of Kathryn Andries’s appearance on the Zen Mommies Radio Show . . . Ever wonder why you get stressed out and frustrated? In most cases it is because you are … Continue reading

Your Life Mission

Do you clearly envision your life mission? If not, you may be unaware of your talents. To understand our blind spots, we can look to several of the intuitive paths described in Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life … Continue reading

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Starting at birth, we begin to absorb the thoughts and feelings of the people around us. Experts believe that, by the age of seven, most of us have formed a complete set of beliefs about the world. How many of … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

There Are No Dumb Questions Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation—in fairy tales, in analysis, and in individuation. The key question causes germination of consciousness. The properly shaped question always emanates from an essential curiosity about … Continue reading

Speaking Topics for Kathryn Andries

Wow your crowd with thought-provoking topics and a charismatic speaker. How to Get Along with Anybody — Learn the source of your conflicts and a powerful method to overcome them and turn your enemies into friends. Who Were Those People … Continue reading

The Dreamer’s Club

Continue or begin your Dream Studies with this unique interactive opportunity — The Dreamer’s Club! For a low monthly membership you will receive: 1. Up to eight dreams interpreted just for you EVERY month — You submit the dream to … Continue reading